OSFL 2024 Operations and Procedures



  • Section 1 – Playing Season
  • a) The OSFL playing season will run from May to Mid August

  • b) Game days are Saturday or Sunday, Friday nights are mandatory provided travel time is an hour or less
  • c) The playing season shall include all games played, including preliminary/development games


Section 2 – Playing Rules

  • a) All OSFL conference and playoff games shall by played in accordance with the Canadian Amateur Football Rule Book (the White Book)
  • b) OSFL will play three (3) down Canadian Football with four 12 minute quarters at U18 and U16
  • c) OSFL will play four (4) down Canadian Football with four 12 minute quarters at U14, U12 and U10
  • d) Each team will have two (2) time outs per half


Section 3 – Game Balls

  • a) The OSFL will have 2 official game balls for U18 and U16 – the Wilson 2001 or the Big Game ball
  • b) TDY and TDJ – youth size footballs for U14, U12 and U10
  • c) Home team will provide a leather football, either new or in new condition for
        each game.
  • d) Visting team can use their own football provided it is an approved ball.


Section 4 – Roster

Definition – a list of players who will be playing – Cambridge Dictionary

  • a) There is no maximum roster size for game day.
  • b) Minimum roster for U18 and U16 is 25 players dressed for game day.
  • c) Minimum roster size for U14 is 22 dressed for game day.
  • d) Minimum roster size for U12 is 16 dressed for game day.
  • e) Minimum roster size for U10 is 12 dressed for game day.
  • f) Roster are set as of the third game of the season. After that call up rules apply.
  • g) Player numbers will assigned in accordance with the rules set out in the White Book.
  • h) Once a player is rostered to an age division they may only play for that division.
  • i) No player will be able to play down a division.
  • j) A player may be registered to play up a division provided:
           – They are in their last year of eligibility for their own division
           – All parties agree – parents, coach and centres board
           – A doctor’s note will be provided if requested to ensure it is safe for that player to play at the older age group

      Section 5 – Registration

      Definition – the act of recording a name or information on an official list – Cambridge Dictionary

      • a) For definition. Registration with a centre means: a player is registered to play in the OSFL spring/summer season.
      • b) OSFL registration does not include any “PERFORMANCE” camps centres are hosting. Those registration are solely for the purpose of the centre hosting the camps and do not apply to the OSFL playing season
      • c) At the conclusion of the OSFL playing season all players will be deemed released from their centre
      • d) No centre shall open registration prior to January 1 of the playing year
      • e) Non Canadian residents shall not be eligible to participate in the OSFL


      Section 6 – Age Divisions

      • a) U18 – birth years 06/07 – for the 2005 age group please refer to the 2005 Guidelines
      • b) U16 – birth year 08/09
      • c) U14 – birth years 10/11
      • d) U12 – birth years 12/13
      • e) U10 – birth years 14/15
      • f) Players ages are determined as of midnight if December 31 of the playing year


      Section 7 – Call Ups

      • a) A player may be called up from the lower age team.
      • b) A centre is allowed four (4) call ups per week.
      • c) Players can only play one game per week.
      • d) On third call up players will be considered rostered for the older age team.
      • e) Notice must be provided to the OSFL Registrar.
      • f) Player must be identified on the game sheet as a called up player.

      Section 8 – Player Releases

      Definition – Player -someone who takes part in a game or sport Release -free from obligation – Cambridge Dictionary

        • a) Provided a player does not have any outstanding fees/debt owed to a centre or does not have unreturned equipment in their possession, evidence/documentation of such shall be provided by the centre, said player shall be granted an immediate release up to the first game (1st) of the playing season.
        • b) The Centre wishing to register a player after the first game of the season must obtain written confirmation of the player’s eligibility from the OSFL.
        • c) After the completion of the game (3rd) of the playing season rosters will be considered set.
        • d) A release is not required for any player wishing to play for another centre if that player has been cut/removed from their official team roster. The official team roster is the roster held by the OSFL Registrar/Chair and is not the online roster.
          i) The centre wishing to register a player that has been cut/removed from another centre’s official team roster must obtain written confirmation from the OSFL Registrar/Chair of the player’s eligibility prior to said player being eligible to participate in any football related activities
          ii) The OSFL shall provide a written response to a request for confirmation within 72 hours of the request being made. If the OSFL fails to respond within 72 hours, said player will be deemed eligible until such time the OSFL provides further notice that the player was in fact not eligible
          iii) Failure of the centre that the cut/removed player from it’s roster to respond to any inquiry by the OSFL within 72 hours will result in the OSFL deeming the player eligible
        • e) A release is not required should a centre fold a division.

        • f) No player may practice or play with another team until a release has been
          granted, and confirmed by the OSFL Registrar/Chair.

      Section 9 – Tampering

      Definition – the action of interfering to make changes to something you should not -Cambridge Dictionary

      • a) As of January 1 of a playing year any coach, coaching staff, manager or member of an organization must ask any potential player they are interested in signing if they are already registered with another centre.
      • b) OfficiallyOSFLregisteredplayersshallnotbeapproachedbyanyothercentre, they shall be considered signed until a release is granted.
      • c) Any centre that approaches players shall be deemed to be found tampering and shall be subjected to a four (4) step progressive discipline as laid out by the OSFL Chair
      • d) Infraction 1: Written warning to the individual approaching a player, a copy of which will be provided to the President of the centre involved
      • e) Infraction 2: Suspension of the individual approaching a player for a minimum of 1 game, if the severity of the infraction warrants further investigation from the OSFL Chair, a suspension of up to a full year may be applied to that individual. This will be determined on a case by case basis
      • f) Infraction 3 : 1 game suspension of the entire centre approaching a player at all age levels
      • g) Infraction 4: 3 game suspension of the entire centre approaching a player at all age levels
        h) Players that are officially registered for the OSFL spring/summer playing season may reach out to other centres for information. This communication must be initiated solely by said player of their own accord.


       Section 10 – Officials

      • a) Appointment of game officials is the duty of the Referee in Chief
      • b) Officials will be selected by local reffing organizations except for playoffs
      • c) OSFL will assign and cover the expense of the officials for playoffs
      • d) Unless otherwise stated by the Referee in Chief, games require: U18 six officials, U16 five officials, U14/U12 four officials, U10 3 a time/score keeper


      Section 11 – Equipment

      • a) All teams are required to dress in a professional manner
      • b) No player shall wear equipment that may cause injury to an opponent
      • c) All players shall wear: knee pads, thigh pads, hip pads, tailbone pad (or girdle), shoulder pads, cleats, and a helmet that meets CSA standards
      • d) Adhesive or grease that affects the football is illegal – offending player will be removed from the game until such time a the illegal item is replaced and such player will be penalized according the the White Book
      • e) Immediate substitution is allowed to avoid delaying the game
      • f) Jersey numbers will match the numbers on the game sheet and players will retain the same jersey number throughout the game – unless torn and the officials approve a new numbered jersey


      Section 12 – Game Day Responsibilities


      • a) Each centre must provide their own certified trainer/athletic therapist
      • b) It is recommended the minimum requirements for a trainer are: post secondary educated for treatment of athletic injuries, concussion protocols, taping and bracing, current CPR certified
      • c) Trainers are to arrive on time to prepare for pre game treatments


      Home Team

      • a) Provide suitable lined regulation field with complete goal posts intact (4).

      • b) Have a working clock.

      • c) Provide stick crew.

      • d) Provide equal spotting location.

      • e) Provide 2 regulation footballs.

      • f) Provide water and ice.

      • g) May charge gate fees up to a maximum of $10.

      • h) Provide suitable change rooms with showers of use local facility if possible – provided there is compliance for covid protocols.

      • i) Managers shall ensure that they have: full copies of both teams rosters to provide to the timing official, have a copy (either binder or electronic device) of proof of player registration and a copy of government issued ID – passport of birth certificate.

      • j) Post game managers will be required to complete the following: ensure score sheets are completed and signed by an official and head coaches, ensure within 24 hours of the completed game a copy of the score sheet and both team rosters is submitted to the OSFL Chair for upload on the website.

      • k) Score sheets are to be downloaded from the OSFL website and when submitted must include: scoring players name and jersey number, any penalties or ejections with players name and number.



      Visiting Team

      • a) On game day advise host centre of any last minute roster change
      • b) Provide alternate jerseys should there be limited colour distinction between the opposing team
      • c) Teams need to arrange this prior to game day


      Section 13 – Game Film/Technology/Stats

      • a) HUDL will be used to upload game film.

      • b) Game film must be uploaded to HUDL within 48 hours of completion of the game, a fine of $500 for a first offense will be imposed and a $1000 fine for a second offense will be imposed. Unpaid fines will result in a team not being eligible for playoffs as laid out in the 2024 fine structure.

      • c) Game film is mandatory for all U18 and U16, and AAA U14 games and is optional for U14, U12 and U10.

      • d) Filming for U18 and U16 must be done from an elevated position.

      • e) Equal access must be provided for spotters.

      • f) Technology may be used by spotters to communicate to bench personnel.

      • g) Radios in helmets are not allowed.

      • h) Statistics must be provided for all U18 and U16 games for both AAA and AA Divisions and must be uploaded within 48 hours.

      Section 14 – Tie Games/Rescheduling Postponed Games

      Tie Games

      • a) Tie games will be settled by “Texas ShootOut”
      • b) At the completion of regulation time the referee will toss a coin to determine which team will possess the ball first in overtime
      • c) Visiting team captain will call the toss
      • d) The winner chooses either offense or defense or which side of the field – this cannot be deferred
      • e) The team that loses the coin toss must exercise the remaining option
      • f) In each overtime period, teams are granted one possession beginning at the opponents 35 yard line, unless a penalty occurs and they are moved back
      • g) The offense can place the ball anywhere on or between the hash marks
      • h) Each team retains the ball until it fails to score, fails to make a first down or turns the ball over
      • i) Beginning with the third overtime period, teams must attempt a two- point conversion after scoring a touchdown
      • j) The first team that fails to match their opponents score is deemed to have lost
      • k) The winner in overtime will be granted 2 points and the losing team will be granted 1 point

      Rescheduled/postponed games/Forfeits/Defaults

      • a) During a regular season game, the 3rd quarter must be finished for a game to be considered completed.
      • b) Prior to the completion of the 3rd quarter a game will be considered a tie.
      • c) Should a partially completed game need to be rescheduled the game will resume from the time played was suspended, noting the time, score, downs, field position.
      • d) No fines will be imposed for games that have to be canceled due to extenuating circumstances, provided the OSFL Executive approves.
      • e) Games must be canceled/postponed if the Air Quality Health Index (AQHI) reaches 7 or above. If the AQHI is less than 7, the home team may only
        cancel/postpone a game due to air quality if it is recommended by local authorities.
      • f) All efforts need to be made to reschedule a game – if a game cannot be rescheduled it will be considered a tie.
      • g) In the event of an electrical storm and a game is interrupted, teams will wait 1 hour before officially calling a game. All reasonable attempts will be made to complete the game as scheduled – if the game cannot be completed or rescheduled it will be deemed a tie.
      • h) In the event of a forfeit/default the team forfeited against will receive a win in the standings with score awarded as 21-0.
      • i) A forfeit/default fine of $8000 will be imposed. $7000 of which will go to the centre that has been forfeited against and $1000 going to the OSFL for the scholarship program.
      • j) Declarations are to be submitted by the AGM. Centres will have a grace period until March 15 off to fold a team. After March 15 a fine of $2500 will be
        imposed, after April 1 there will be an increase to $5000, after May 1 there will
        be an increase to $8000.

      Section 15 – Coaching and Bench Personnel

      • a) All coaches and bench personnel will have all required qualifications, training, certificates and police clearances as laid out by Football Ontario.
      • b) All bench personnel over the age of 21 will require a Police Clearance with Vulnerable Sector Screening.


      Section 16 – Coaches, Bench Personnel, and Players Code of Conduct

      • a) All coaches, bench personnel and players and administrators will conduct themselves in a professional manner at all times.

      • b) The use of profanity, hate speech, derogatory comments and bullying will result in a 2 game suspension.

      • c) In the event of a 2nd suspension a suspension for the remainder of the playing season will be imposed by the OSF.L

      • d) Any acts of violence, hate speech, or assault are strictly prohibited and will result in permanent suspension from the OSFL, UR/OC rules do not apply in this section, they are covered in Section 17.

      • e) Only head coaches, or team managers are to communicate with the Officials.

      • f) Officials will be provided a copy of the code of conduct.

      • g) Repeated violations to the code of conduct will result in involvement by the leagues disciplinary committee and fines or penalties may be imposed.

      • h) In the event of a suspension the individual will have the right to appeal, said appeal will go to a panel made up of our Ref in Chief and members of our Competition Committee for review. Their decision will be final, unless theindividual would like to take the suspension to appeal to Football Ontario.

      Section 17 – Misconduct


      • a) Players receiving a combined total of 3 UR and OC penalties in a single game will be ejected and will be suspended for the next game.

      • b) The player serving the suspension will attend the next game and sit out wearing their game day jersey- this player will be noted on the game day roster.

      • c) Players removed from a game by an Official for offenses committed under the Rule of Rough Play is automatically suspended for the remainder of that game and the next.

      • d) If the offense is sufficiently serious enough the OSFL may increase the penalty after hearing from the player, reading a written report from the Officials on the back of the game sheet and input from coaches.

      • e) Any player ejected from a second game in a season shall be suspended until such time as the OSFL Executive reviews their case.

      • f) Any player ejected for their first time Targeting, will be considered warned and not suspended from their next game. A second Targeting call will result in a suspension from the next game.


      • a) Any coach or club official will be suspended for violations to the Code of Conduct
      • b) Any actions detrimental to the OSFL or any centre by a coach or club official will result in a suspension
      • c) A first offense will result in a one game suspension, and will escalate if further offenses occur
      • d) A suspended coach or club official will not be permitted to attend the next game
      • e) Depending on the severity of the offense, a hearing with the OSFL Executive will be granted within 10 days of the suspension at which time a decision will be made on any further penalties


      Section 18- Protests

      • a) No game shall be protested on an Official or referee’s interpretation of the rules
      • b) Protests in conference of playoff games shall be ruled on by the OSFL Executive
      • c) Protest must be made in writing or by email from the President of the centre
      • d) A fee of $500 is due at the time the protest is sent forward – to be held until an outcome is come to
      • e) The OSFL Executive will make a ruling on the protest as soon as possible
      • f) The OSFL Executive decision is binding
      • g) The protested game may be awarded to the team making the protest. That team would be awarded 2 points in the standings
      • h) A replay of the game may be ordered
      • i) The protest may be disallowed
      • j) If the protest is disallowed the $500 fee shall be forfeited to the OSFL

      (Updated May 11, 2024)



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