OSFL Fines for 2024

  • a) Any centre that does not provide game film within 48 hours of the completion of a game will be fined $500 for a first offense and $1000 fine for a second offense – any outstanding fines not paid will eliminate a team from playoffs. If a problem occurs during a game notification to the OSFL Exec and the opposing team must given immediately
  • b) Game film must be the current game film. Any centre that posts film that is not current will be fined $500 for a first offense, $1000 for a second and $2000 for a third. Any further offenses or outstanding fines will result in a team being eliminated from playoffs.
  • c) Any centre that forfeits/defaults a game a forfeit fine of $8000 will be imposed. $7000 of which will go to the centre that has been forfeited against and $1000 going to the OSFL for the scholarship program. Monies are to be paid to the OSFL and will be forwarded over to the impacted club.
  • d) Any centre that forfeits/defaults more than one game will be fined an additional $500 for every occurrence.
  • e) Declarations are to be submitted by the AGM. Centres will have a grace period until March 15 to fold a team. After March 15 a fine of $2500 will be imposed, after April 1 there will be an increase to $5000, after May 1 there will be an increase to $8000
  • f) Any centre that has outstanding fines or fees of any kind will not be eligible for the playoffs, at any age division.
  • g) Any centre that forfeits/defaults 2 or more games will not be eligible for playoffs at that age division.

(Updated May 11, 2024)


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