As the season is coming to a close, we are happy to introduce our 2023 OSFL All-Stars. All-OSFL was designed to provide players with the opportunity to be recognized and celebrated for their season’s performance.

The All-Star roster was compiled from the nominations of managers and coaches across the league. When determining the final roster, All-Star selections were not solely based on player stats but also considered off-the-field contributions such as dedication to their team, leadership, and growth through the season.

There are accompanying quotes and rationale for why each player was selected, including the honourable mentions. 

We will be releasing our All-OSFL lists for the following divisions: U18 AAA, U18 AA, U16 AAA, U16 AA, U14 AAA, and U14 AA. 

Each division will have players selected from the following positions: 
OFFENSE: 1 Quarterback, 2 Running Backs, 3 Wide Receivers, 1 Flex Position Player, and 5 Offensive Lineman
DEFENSE: 4 Defensive Lineman, 3 Linebackers, and 5 Defensive Backs
SPECIAL TEAMS: 1 Kicker and 1 Punter
Now, your 2023 All OSFL players for U16 AAA. 


Quarterback: Mackie Holmes, Cumberland Panthers

Mackie had a great 2023 season where he went 46/76 for 726 yards and 14 touchdowns. In addition to his passing game, Mackie also carried the ball 27 times for 326 yards and 4 more touchdowns. Mackie was also one of the leaders on a strong Cumberland Panthers team.

Running Backs: Nick Honchar, Burlington Stampeders; Massimo Ferrone-Byrd, Vaughan Rebels

Nick Honchar, Burlington Stampeders:

As a leader and Team Captain of the Stampeders, Nick was a valued member of the team. During the season, Nick carried the ball 86 times and had 7 receptions for a total of 816 yards and 6 touchdowns. 

Massimo Ferrone-Byrd, Vaughan Rebels:

Massimo was a team captain on the Rebels, always being there for his teammates. Massimo demonstrated his dedication by always jumping to lead drills and assisting in the rundown of plays. Through 6 games, Massimo had over 500 yards on the ground and another 200 in the air. With his 6 touchdowns, a team was quoted saying that “we had a focus on stopping #33 but couldn’t”

Wide Receivers: Joseph Martinelli, Niagara Spears; Deion Moke, Cumberland Panthers; Kymarri Smith, Hamilton Jr Tiger-Cats

Joseph Martinelli, Niagara Spears:

Joseph ended the season with 22 receptions for 438 receiving yards and 4 touchdowns. Given that, Joseph brings more the the Spears than his on-the-field performance as he always comes with a team-first and humble attitude.

Deion Moke, Cumberland Panthers:

Deion has an ideal combination that any coach would love. He is dedicated to the game, always works hard, and is a natural leader. Deion also produced on the field where he had 19 catches for 310 yards and 9 touchdowns.

Kymarri Smith, Hamilton Jr Tiger-Cats:

Kymarri was he was at practice 30 minutes early every day and worked with the coaches on his techniques. This dedication helped him obtain 700 receiving yards and 6 touchdowns.

Flex: Ali Seif, London Junior Mustangs

In addition to the 3 touchdowns Ali made this season, his contributions far exceed what appears on the scoresheet. Ali is the key to Junior Mustang’s run game, as he pancakes defensive ends with regularity. Ali also makes his presence known on special teams.

Offensive Lineman: Cameron Vermeer, London Junior Mustangs; Liam Kelly, Burlington Stampeders; Adriano Bozzo, Hamilton Jr Tiger-Cats; Caleb Clarke, Vaughan Rebels; Elliot Demaine, Cumberland Panthers

Cameron Vermeer, London Junior Mustangs:

For a team that loves to run the ball, Cam was a key to the Junior Mustangs’ offence. In addition to leading the way on power runs with his 18 pancakes, he was impeccable in passing protection.

Liam Kelly, Burlington Stampeders:

Liam is a leader both on and off the field while continuing to dominate the line of scrimmage. 

Adriano Bozzo, Hamilton Jr Tiger-Cats:

Adriano has made an impact both on and off the field. As the Offensive Team Captain, he is there to support his teammates when needed with his leadership while helping them on the field through elite line play. Adriano did not give up a sack all season.

Caleb Clarke, Vaughan Rebels:

Caleb was an anchor on the Rebels’ offence of line, helping in both the run and pass game. With his perfect attendance, Caleb was a stable piece of the line as he rarely gave up quarterback pressures.

Elliot Demaine, Cumberland Panthers:

In Cumberland, Elliot is viewed as the best tackle in the entire OSFL where he continues to deliver countless pancake blocks.


Defensive Lineman: Joey Moore, Niagara Spears; Noah Miller, London Junior Mustangs; Weston Gower, London Junior Mustangs; Chris Bevington, Burlington Stampeders

Joey Moore, Niagara Spears:

Joey is a down-to-earth leader who is always there for his teammates. During the season, Joey amounted to 14 tackles, 10 tackles for loss, 4 sacks, and a fumble recovery.

Noah Miller, London Junior Mustangs:

This season Noah had 24 tackles, 14 tackles for loss, 7 sacks, and a forced fumble. Noah was also one of the captains of the Junior Mustangs team.

Weston Gower, London Junior Mustangs:

Weston was a force on the field this season where he had 17.5 tackles, 9 sacks, 8 tackles for loss, 4 pass deflections, 3 blocked kicks, and a blocked punt.

Chris Bevington, Burlington Stampeders:

Chris demonstrated immense sportsmanship and leadership throughout the season, making himself a great teammate. He was also a stable member of the Stampeders’ defensive line where Chris had 15.5 tackles and recovered a fumble for a touchdown.

Linebackers: Mason Morkill, Vaughan Rebels; Brendan Farhat, Cumberland Panthers; Sean Northcott, Niagara Spears

Mason Morkill, Vaughan Rebels:

Mason shows great leadership on and off the field. He is always first to suit up and is eager to lead new players, even leads practice and warm-ups. This season Mason had an interception, 20 tackles, 2 sacks, 4 tackles for loss, a touchdown and a blocked kick.

Brendan Farhat, Cumberland Panthers:

Brendan is dedicated to the game, always looking to improve and lead his teammates. This season Brendan had 27 tackles,  5 tackles for loss, and 3 sacks.

Sean Northcott, Niagara Spears:

As Team Captain of the Niagara Spears, Sean amounted to 26 Tackles, 4 tackles for loss, 2 sacks, 1 fumble recovery, an interception, and a blocked kick,

Defensive Backs: Kymani Bowen-Thompson, Hamilton Jr Tiger-Cats; Cole Elms, Hamilton Jr Tiger-Cats; Henry Asierika Chan, Burlington Stampeders; Daniel Wojnowski, London Junior Mustangs; Callum Dawe, Burlington Stampeders

Kymani Bowen-Thompson, Hamilton Jr Tiger-Cats:

Kymani is recognized as a great leader on and off the field. He continued to show respect to all players and coaches but will be a force to be reckoned with for the play that you are lined up across from him. This season Kymani had 51 tackles, 10 tackles for loss, and one interception returned for a touchdown. 

Cole Elms, Hamilton Jr Tiger-Cats:

Cole is a defensive leader of the Jr Tiger-Cats who continued to bring physicality to the defence without taking penalties. Cole would routinely communicate any adjustments and make the calls on the defence. Cole had 30 tackles, 2 interceptions, and 15 passes defended.

Henry Asierika Chan, Burlington Stampeders:

As a rookie, Henry made an impact on the Burlington Secondary having 15.5 tackles and 2 knockdowns. Henry continues to improve his abilities while being dedicated to the team and position. 

Daniel Wojnowski, London Junior Mustangs:

Daniel was a Swiss army knife for the Junior Mustangs where his versatility on defense allowed him to fill in gaps when they faced injuries. On defense, Daniel had 16 tackles, 2 tackles for loss, 3 passes deflections, an interception and, a sack.

Callum Dawe, Burlington Stampeders:

Callum was a leader on and off the field, being there for his teammates while being dedicated to the game and his craft. This dedication helped Callum get 11.5 tackles and 6 interceptions for the Stampeders this season.


Kicker: Logan Todoroff, Cambridge Lions

Logan did not miss a kick during the 2023 season. While Logan also plays Ontario Soccer during ths summer, he is still dedicated and makes time to be there for his team. 

Punter: Daniel Wojnowski, London Junior Mustangs

While Daniel was also impactful on the defensive side of the ball, he was also the starting Junior Mustangs’ kicker and punter. This year Daniel made 6 field goals, 20 extra points, punted for 546 yards

Honourable Mentions

 QB: Justin Denomme; Burlington Stampeders

RB: Caleb Kowalchuk; Hamilton Jr Tiger-Cats

RB: Cameron Bourdeau; London Junior Mustangs

FLEX: Justin Ledrew; Burlington Stampeders

OL: Cooper Hitchen; Cambridge Lions

DL: Luka Sandrk; Hamilton Jr Tiger-Cats

LB: Dylan Tharby; Burlington Stampeders

DB: Bobby Tsilogianis; Cambridge Lions