As the season is coming to a close, we are happy to introduce our 2023 OSFL All-Stars. All-OSFL was designed to provide players with the opportunity to be recognized and celebrated for their season’s performance.

The All-Star roster was compiled from the nominations of managers and coaches across the league. When determining the final roster, All-Star selections were not solely based on player stats but also considered off-the-field contributions such as dedication to their team, leadership, and growth through the season.

There are accompanying quotes and rationale for why each player was selected, including the honourable mentions. 

We will be releasing our All-OSFL lists for the following divisions: U18 AAA, U18 AA, U16 AAA, U16 AA, U14 AAA, and U14 AA. 

Each division will have players selected from the following positions: 
OFFENSE: 1 Quarterback, 2 Running Backs, 3 Wide Receivers, 1 Flex Position Player, and 5 Offensive Lineman
DEFENSE: 4 Defensive Lineman, 3 Linebackers, and 5 Defensive Backs
SPECIAL TEAMS: 1 Kicker and 1 Punter
Now, your 2023 All OSFL players for U14 AA. 


Quarterback: Dorian Monteverde-Sala, Quinte Skyhawks

Dorian was such a vocal leader for Skyhawks this year, always on the sidelines pumping up his teammates. The moment was never to big for him as Dorian ended the season with 24 touchdowns, 1847 passing yards, and another 712 rushing yards.

Running Backs: Damien Scott, Guelph Jr Gryphons; Javier Vaqueran, Quinte Skyhawks

Damien Scott, Guelph Jr Gryphons:

Damien Scott is one of the fastest players in the league. He was a nightmare for the opposing defence trying to catch him before he got to the outside. However, Damien is more than just his speed; his big plays come from amazing vision, reading his blocks, and not being afraid to get his nose dirty with some big hits to break tackles. This year Damien rushed for over 1000 rushing yards and 15 touchdowns.

Javier Vaqueran, Quinte Skyhawks:

Making the switch to running back this season, Javier rushed for 1597 yards and 9 touchdowns. Javier was asked to play and learn 7 different positions, doing it all with a smile on his face. Javier is a true team player that was always about what was best for the team.

Wide Receivers: Max Waplak, Quinte Skyhawks; Cooper Lunn, Peterborough Wolverines; Josh Muzzi, Guelph Jr Gryphons

Max Waplak, Quinte Skyhawks:

Max is always committed to getting better and learning new teachings. Max is a positive player that surpassed 1100 receiving yards, catching 11 touchdowns.

Cooper Lunn, Peterborough Wolverines:

Cooper Lunn was the Wolverines Team MVP as a first year U14 player. Playing on all 3 phases, Cooper accumulated more points than the rest of our team combined. “IF you didn’t know where #11 was, you were going to be in for a long game against Peterborough”

Josh Muzzi, Guelph Jr Gryphons:

To say that Josh is shifty would be the understatement. His sure hands and clean cut route running creates a big deep threat not often seen at this level. Josh plays with a chip on his shoulder and looks like he has something to prove every play. “Josh is one of the biggest threats in the league” accumulating 300+ receiving yards, 3+ receiving touchdowns, a punt return touchdown, and another 200+ return yards.

Flex: Richard Parker, Guelph Jr Gryphons

“Richard Parker is a silverback gorilla in a 13 year old body”. Richard runs with a huge motor, making big blocks and blowing up holes within the trenches. With his size, strength, and speed, Richard accumulated 150+ rushing yards, 5+ rushing touchdowns, 20 pancake blocks, and converted a 2-pt conversion. “I truly believe Richard is on the path to greatness in this sport”.

Offensive Lineman: Ty Sparks, York Region Lions; Arian Brar, Peel Panthers; Jack Ryder, Guelph Jr Gryphons; Brayden McConnell, Guelph Jr Gryphons; Tyson Mumby, Peterborough Wolverines

Ty Sparks, York Region Lions:

Ty was a machine for the Lions offence. He never came off the field and never complained. Ty has the best attitude and is “a true baller”

Arian Brar, Peel Panthers:

As Team Captain for the Peel Panthers, Brayden was a force on the line. Brayden had 10 pancake blocks this season.

Jack Ryder, Guelph Jr Gryphons:

Jack is the glue that holds the offensive together and maintains the Jr Gryphons inside run as a constant threat. Jack is a solid interior offensive lineman, not allowing a sack all season while delivering 5-10 pancake blocks in the process. “At his young age he already attacks the game with a businessman mentality; get in, get the job done, and get out”

Brayden McConnell, Guelph Jr Gryphons:

Brayden plays tough angry football, helping to build the central identity of the Jr Gryphons offensive line. After player every single position on the line, it has proven that he is a must have at left tackle. Brayden is a fighter in the trenches, not allowing a sack with 15+ pancake blocks.

Tyson Mumby, Peterborough Wolverines:

Playing both ways, Tyson was a leader and team captain for the Wolverines. Tyson helped recognize the opposing team with a MVP dog tag after each game, even earning a couple of MVP dog tags himself.


Defensive Lineman: Oliver Coghill, Peterborough Wolverines; Rahmell Reid, Peel Panthers; Ethan Zapcic, North Bay Bulldogs; Jude Dowd, Guelph Jr Gryphons

Oliver Coghill, Peterborough Wolverines:

Oliver was a huge contributor in stopping the interior run game of opposing team. Always seen with a smile, Oliver was one of Wolverines captains who would share the issuing of the MVP dog tags with the opposition each week. Oliver was also the team’s MVP Offensive Guard in playoffs.

Rahmell Reid, Peel Panthers:

After his 7th year playing football, Rahmell recorded 65 tackles, 16 sacks, and 4 fumble recoveries for the Panthers defence.

Ethan Zapcic, North Bay Bulldogs:

After starting the season at running back, Ethan made the switch to defensive end when a player was missing and did not look back. From that moment on, Ethan was an amazing defensive end recording 4 tackles for loss, 1 sack, 1 force fumble, and 1 fumble recovery. Ethan smiles every game, takes what the coaches and telling him and never misses practice.

Jude Dowd, Guelph Jr Gryphons:

Jude is a dominant force at all positions in the trenches. “His combination of speed, power and ferocity is nothing short of intimidating”. Jude leads the Gryphons defensive line by example with his dominant aggression, achieving 35+ tackles, 15+ tackles for loss, more than 8 sacks, 2+ fumble recoveries, and 1 touchdown that he return 100 yards to end the regular season.

Linebackers: Abhay Thakur, Peel Panthers; Gage Champaigne, North Bay Bulldogs; Ali Younes, Guelph Jr Gryphons

Abhay Thakur, Peel Panthers:

Doing whatever it takes to help his team, Abhay was always there for the Panthers, even playing with a broken nose. This season Abhay record 50 tackles and 3 sacks.

Gage Champaigne, North Bay Bulldogs:

Gage is a captain and leader for the Bulldogs both on and off the field. Gabe leads by example, always there for the less experienced kids, encouraging his teammates to be better each and every day. Gage was an asset to the team, helping the Bulldogs record the second lowest points against. This season Gage recorded 50 tackles, 15 tackles for loss, and 9 sacks.

Ali Younes, Guelph Jr Gryphons:

As a 7th grader, age has not stopped Ali from being the best defender on Jr Gryphons. He is the core of the defence that has the least points against across all of U14 AA. Ali’s combination of speed power and technique allowed him to record 50+ tackles, 20+ tackles for loss, 10+ pass breakups, and more then 2 interceptions. He is constantly in every tackle pile, stopping even the biggest ball carrier, and pushing back the largest offensive line. “He is the best linebacker in the league”

Defensive Backs: Ethan Restagno, Guelph Jr Gryphons; Jack Fiddler, North Bay Bulldogs; Mohammed Khan, Guelph Jr Gryphons; OJ Daley, Peel Panthers; Evan Smetana, North Bay Bulldogs

Ethan Restagno, Guelph Jr Gryphons:

Ethan is on an island as a defensive back, making an impact on every single play. Ethan is a text book tackler that never shies away from larger running backs. This year Ethan recorded 30+ tackles, 10+ tackles for loss, 15+ pass breakups, and 5 interceptions. On top of all this, Ethan is the a top leader on the team constantly motivating and hyping up his teammates before, during, and after all practices and games.

Jack Fiddler, North Bay Bulldogs:

Jack never played football before and quickly learned the game, becoming a talented lockdown corner. Jack got an interception in his first game and continued to get one every game for the rest of the season. Nobody has scored on him yet as he is always there to make the tackle before the opposition can step in the endzone.

Mohammed Khan, Guelph Jr Gryphons:

Mohammed is a heavy hitting defensive back who will always make his presence known both in the run and passing game. He sets the edge on any given outside run play, and shuts down any passes that come his way. Many are surprised to hear that this is Mohammed’s first season playing football where he came away from his first game with 3 interceptions. Mohammed ended the season with 25+ tackles, 10+ pass breakups 4 interceptions.

OJ Daley, Peel Panthers:

OJ had an impressive season playing both ways for the Peel Panthers. As Captain and team MVP, OJ ended the season with 45 tackles, 6 interceptions, and a safety on defence. He is an original Panther.

Evan Smetana, North Bay Bulldogs:

Evan is a positive influence on his teammates as he always has questions and suggestions in the best interest of others. As a Bulldog’s team captain, Evan had 2 sacks, 2 tackles for loss, and 3 interceptions with 1 returned for a touchdown. The stats could have been even higher as he would often give up his time for a player that hasn’t been in much. Evan is a great leader with a great attitude.


Kicker: Ethan Restagno, Guelph Jr Gryphons

In addition to his defensive abilities, Ethan’s improvement in his kicks from the beginning of the season to now has been nothing less of extraordinary. “Working on his form and follow through has caused his kicking distance to double in a matter of weeks”. He has become a consistent kicker making 80% of his extra points, making 1 field goal from 30 yards away. 

Punter: Tevonte Bramwell, Peel Panthers

For Trevonte’s first season playing tackle football, he has made an immediate impact for the Panthers. In addition to being their starting quarterback, Trevonte punted for over 1000 yards and got 1 rouge in the process.

Honourable Mentions

QB: Cooper Waite, Guelph Jr Gryphons

RB: Lucas Lemk, Chatham-Kent Cougars

RB: Nathan Boucher, North Bay Bulldogs

WR: Sarah Porter, Peterborough Wolverines

WR: OJ Daley, Peel Panthers

FLEX: Ethan Farris, York Region Lions

OL: Andrew Murray, Guelph Jr Gryphons

DL: Cameron Smetana, North Bay Bulldogs