As the season is coming to a close, we are happy to introduce our 2023 OSFL All-Stars. All-OSFL was designed to provide players with the opportunity to be recognized and celebrated for their season’s performance.

The All-Star roster was compiled from the nominations of managers and coaches across the league. When determining the final roster, All-Star selections were not solely based on player stats but also considered off-the-field contributions such as dedication to their team, leadership, and growth through the season.

There are accompanying quotes and rationale for why each player was selected, including the honourable mentions. 

We will be releasing our All-OSFL lists for the following divisions: U18 AAA, U18 AA, U16 AAA, U16 AA, U14 AAA, and U14 AA. 

Each division will have players selected from the following positions: 
OFFENSE: 1 Quarterback, 2 Running Backs, 3 Wide Receivers, 1 Flex Position Player, and 5 Offensive Lineman
DEFENSE: 4 Defensive Lineman, 3 Linebackers, and 5 Defensive Backs
SPECIAL TEAMS: 1 Kicker and 1 Punter
Now, your 2023 All OSFL players for U18 AA. 


Quarterback: Josh Foulis, Sarnia Sturgeon

​​Josh is a true leader of the Sturgeon organization, as Josh goes the Sturgeon go. In addition to his exceptional leadership abilities, Josh has only lost one game over the past 3 seasons. This past season the Sturgeons went 6-0 with Josh going 71/120 for 1510 yards in the air and another 370 yards rushing. Josh is viewed as “the ultimate teammate” inside the Sturgeon organization.

Running Backs: Kruz Korslick, Brantford Bisons; Jean Michael Walker, Brampton Bulldogs

Kruz Korslick, Brantford Bisons:

Kruz has shown to be the bell cow of the Bisons’ offence. This season he obtained 813 rushing yards and 14 rushing touchdowns with an 8.0 yards per carry. Kruz had another 193 receiving yards and a receiving touchdown. Since the beginning of the season, Kruz has dedicated himself to the playbook and the Bisons’ culture.

Jean Michael Walker, Brampton Bulldogs:

Jean was a Captain for the Bulldogs, demonstrating his leadership on and off the field. With his perfect attendance, Jean rushed for 682 yards and 6 touchdowns, and another 294 yards and 7 touchdowns receiving.

Wide Receivers: Tyler Hopwood, Sarnia Sturgeon; Caleb Roberts, Chatham-Kent Cougars; Khalil Gooden, Peel Panthers

Tyler Hopwood, Sarnia Sturgeon:

Tyler was often double-teamed but still managed to lead the Sturgeons in receiving yards with 775. Tyler was the main target when a big play was needed and rarely came up short. Leading by example, Tyler was an integral member of the Sturgeons’ undefeated season. 

Caleb Roberts, Chatham-Kent Cougars:

Inside the Cougars organization, Caleb is regarded as the best wide receiver in the entire league. It is hard to argue with his 38 receptions for 769 yards and 13 touchdowns. In addition to his on-the-field performance, Caleb was one of the Cougar’s offensive leaders.

Khalil Gooden, Peel Panthers:

Khalil’s dedication to his craft is something special. Leading by example, his teammates are provided with the opportunity to learn from how he is able to hone his own skills. His dedication paid off as Khalil caught 15 balls for 466 yards and 3 touchdowns.

Flex: Tevin Kelly, Chatham-Kent Cougars

As a leader in the receiver room, Tevin was a consistent option in the Cougar’s passing attack. Tevin would get at least 8 catches for 75 yards and 1 touchdown per game.

Offensive Lineman: Tamarley Smith, Brantford Bisons; Cael Steel, Sarnia Sturgeon; Bryce Bear, Chatham-Kent Cougars; Sebastian Loyola, Huronia Stallions; Braxton Black, Peel Panthers

Tamarley Smith, Brantford Bisons:

In Brantford, Tamarley is viewed as the best player in this league. This season he helped pave the way for a fellow OSFL All-Star Krus Korslick, helping him get over 1000 total yards of offense. Tamarley is also successful in pass protection, not allowing a sack. Tamarley is extremely coachable, developing into an influential leader for the Bisons.

Cael Steel, Sarnia Sturgeon:

In an unflashy position, Cael makes his presence known inside the Sturgeon organization. Cael was the Captain of their Offensive line, helping to lead the younger players. Cael goes the extra mile studying tape, allowing him to help develop practice plans and make the line calls.

Bryce Bear, Chatham-Kent Cougars:

Bryce was an offensive leader, helping the Cougars amount to a 4-2 season. His presence was felt in both passing and rushing situations.

Sebastian Loyola, Huronia Stallions:

Starting tackle for the Stallions, Sebastian was a veteran to the younger offensive lineman. He would take them under his wing, helping them learn the position and what to expect going forward.

Braxton Black, Peel Panthers:

As the starting left tackle, Braxton takes great pride in his pass protection abilities. While he did not give up a sack this year, he continues to work diligently on his craft.


Defensive Lineman: Caleb Belfry, Quinte Skyhawks; Cole Rhines, Huronia Stallions; Treyvon Mulder, Chatham-Kent Cougars; Joey Edlington, Sarnia Sturgeon

Caleb Belfry, Quinte Skyhawks:

A true leader on and off the field, Caleb’s dedication to not only his team but community is amazing. He is always looking to mentor younger players, helping them develop into the best version of themselves. This season Caleb had 35 tackles, 10 tackles for loss, and 5 sacks.

Cole Rhines, Huronia Stallions:

In only 4 games, Cole made an impact with 10 tackles, 3 tackles for loss, 2 sacks, and a forced fumble.

Treyvon Mulder, Chatham-Kent Cougars:

As a leader on the defensive line, Treyvon got an average of 2 sacks, 5 tackles, and 2 batted balls per game.

Joey Edlington, Sarnia Sturgeon:

Joey is usually double-teamed as the opponent is often quick to notice his speed off the ball. While double-teamed, Joey still managed to record 11 sacks and 25 tackles. Leading by example, Joey shows his teammates the right thing in helping a player up after the play.

Linebackers: Carter Grasse, Sarnia Sturgeon; Peter Holt, Quinte Skyhawks; Lachlan Burke, Chatham-Kent Cougars

Carter Grasse, Sarnia Sturgeon:

Carter is a cornerstone of the Sturgeon defence, racking up the stat sheet with 34.5 tackles, 5 forced fumbles, 2 interceptions, and 3 touchdowns this season. Carter’s leadership and knowledge of the sport are rare in most 18-year-olds. His knowledge allowed him to see the play develop and make adjustments before the opposition could make a big play.

Peter Holt, Quinte Skyhawks:

Peter is an all-around great player, exemplifying what it means to be a Skyhawk. Peter is a natural leader who was able to record 42 tackles, 2 interceptions, and 4 tackles for loss this season.

Lachlan Burke, Chatham-Kent Cougars:

Averaging 11 tackles a game, Lachlan was making his presence known to anyone who lined up across from him. Lachlan was also one of the Cougars’ defensive leaders.

Defensive Backs: Deandre La-Lowe, Peel Panthers; Landen Trecartin, Sault Sabercats; Kris Morgan, Peel Panthers; Elliot Barber, Huronia Stallions; Seb Moreno, Chatham-Kent Cougars

Deandre La-Lowe, Peel Panthers:

Deandre is the vocal leader of the Peel Panthers, helping to hold his teammates accountable. In addition to his leadership, Deandre caught 4 interceptions and returned a punt for a touchdown.

Landen Trecartin, Sault Sabercats:

Landen was a lockdown cornerback for the undefeated Sault Sabercats this season.

Kris Morgan, Peel Panthers:

Kris has shown steady improvement this year through his hard work and dedication. This season Kris got 3 interceptions, 5 knockdowns, and 2 tackles for loss.

Elliot Barber, Huronia Stallions:

As the leader of the Stallions secondary, Elliot recorded 12 tackles and 4 passes defended.

Seb Moreno, Chatham-Kent Cougars:

Seb would often line up across from the opponent’s number-one wide receiver, helping to lock them down. The defensive leader would often get 3 knockdowns and 7 tackles a game.


Kicker: Eric Schwarz, Huronia Stallions

Eric leads the league in a majority of kicking categories. Eric went 7/10 on field goals, 14/14 on PAT attempts, scored 2 singles, and kicked for 589 yards.

ST Gunner: Nathan Holdaway, Chatham-Kent Cougars

With no punters nominated, Nathan was selected on his elite special team’s abilities. As a special teams leader, Nathan would record 5 tackles a game while giving out some of the best blocks. 

Honourable Mentions

 QB: Ethan Miller; Brampton Bulldogs

QB: Owen Malott-Bennett; Chatham-Kent Cougars

RB: Tyrone Marcussen; Huronia Stallions

WR: Zagham Syed; Brantford Bisons

WR: Evan Star, Chatham-Kent Cougars

OL: Dante Colaiacovo; Brantford Bisons

DL: Michael Huggup; Peel Panthers

LB: Jean Michael Walker; Brampton Bulldogs